Activities and attractions nearby

Rafting or kayaking

Fill your weekend with adrenaline and fun, book a kayaking trip down the Drava River. Choose a weekend in the period between 1.5. and 1.10. We offer you rides in old kayaks along the Drava River from G. Hrašćan to Lake Kuršanec (Međimurje County), with licensed guides. Transportation from the meeting point to the entrance to the river and safety equipment for all participants is provided. All participants are insured by an insurance company. The minimum age of participants is 6 years, accompanied by a parent. For reservations, contact us via social networks, by email or at the number: 098726401



“Even though we live in strange, abnormal times, we must not forget about socializing, human

relationships and friendships. And the best way to nurture friendship is to talk over a glass of wine.

I am proud to invite you to our Vinoteka, an extension of our home. Come, try ours wines, if you haven’t yet or simply enjoy the ones you know well. I promise you hills, sun, greenery, joy and happiness. We are all acquaintances here, and with a glass of our wine we will become friends. Cheers!” – calls and says Rajko Cmrečnjak



The dominant varieties are typical of the climate and terroir: Sauvignon, Graševina, Rhine Riesling, Muscat Yellow, Fragrant and Red Traminac, Moslavina, Chardonnay (white wines), Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon (red wines). Pushypel. The Međimurje wine brand, which revitalized the autochthonous variety Moslavac (Šipon), is distributed in 30 wineries and tasting rooms. The variety that has thrived here for more than a century is our first recommendation for tasting (source: Visit Međ



Visit Čakovec

A small town for big emotions, that’s how the locals beat their city. And really, Čakovec is not big in terms of area, just enough that you can get to know it all and absorb its spirit and atmosphere. The city itself has a rich history marked by the Zrinski family, from whose time the city’s biggest landmark remains. The Old Town of Zrinski is located in the center of the city, and that former fortified castle is today a cultural asset of national significance. On the Franciscan Square, see the monastery and the church, and not far from them the Merchant Casino, a sumptuous building from the beginning of the 20th century, built more than a hundred years ago for the association of merchants. Source:

Spa day at terme sveti martin

Lovers of wellness pleasures will truly enjoy Terme Sveti Martin, as the resort offers countless relaxing, energizing and regenerative massages, high-quality beauty treatments and saunas by the pool. The total area of ​​the most modern wellness oasis in continental Croatia is 1,800 m2.



Međimurje is ideal for cycle tourism. The region is relatively small, so in one day or, depending on fitness and affinity, in just a few hours, you can take a variety of tours in relief and content. The trails are mostly routed on secondary asphalted roads with low frequency of car traffic or well-maintained gravel roads. They are ideal for family holidays and gatherings. Cyclists can choose between easier and more demanding sections, road and off-road routes, and there are also adapted terrains for XTC and cross riding. They pass through beautiful natural landscapes and connect various cultural and historical monuments, restaurants, wine houses, guesthouses, rest areas and viewpoints. Source:


visit old mill on river mura

Once upon a time, at the beginning of the 20th century, almost 90 mills worked on the Mura. Year after year, decade after decade, technology advanced and the mills fell into oblivion one by one. The last one was closed in the eighties near Žabnik, near Sveti Martin on Mura. It was he who was later restored and became an interactive monument to the former way of life. The mill has been converted into a visitor center and is dedicated to Franc Žalar, the last miller of the Međimurje region. In the renovated old mill, you can see what his life was like and step into the past. At the time when the wooden wheels of the mills fed the whole of Međimurje. Source:



Visit Varaždin

The baroque city in the north of Croatia is a must stop for anyone who loves culture, history, greenery, good food and smiling hosts. The entire city center is like a monument that you can walk into, there is an exceptional monumental and artistic heritage with the best-preserved baroque urban complex. In the 18th century, Varaždin was the capital of Croatia, until in 1776, after a devastating earthquake, the government was moved to Zagreb. Source:

airport 9km

Airport Varaždin is only  9 kilometars away, International Airport Franjo Tuđman is 88 km away, that is less an hour drive

bus station 8,7 km

There are two bus stations near Mamica, Čakovec at a distance of 8.7 km and Varaždin, which is 9.5 km away.

train station  7,5 km

There are two train stations near Mamica, Varaždin main station at a distance of 7.5 km and Čakovec, which is 9.2 km away.