Seasonal Menu



‘Mamica’s dish from Medimurje’:
Salt pork stored in lard, homemade smoked salami, minced lard and cottage cheese with sour cream

60,00 kn

Colourful meat salad with chicken


*Salad with breaded morels and wild garlic mayo

125,00 kn

Boiled beef with horseradish 

45,00 kn

*Penne with tomato, capers and olives sauce

45,00 kn


Beef soup 

                                                 20,00 kn

*Creamy asparagus soup 

                                                   25,00 kn

Traditional local cream soup with cured meat

55,00 kn


Crispy chicken fillet with vegetables

80,00 kn

Chicken roulades wrapped in bacon, asparagus and wild garlic risotto

110,00 kn

Breaded pork fillet, tartar sauce with wild garlic, crispy vegetables

95,00 kn

*Morels risotto  

105,00 kn

Veal risotto with morels

155,00  kn

Lamb shank with craft beer sauce, mashed potato, asparagus

155,00 kn


Mixed salad small 

13,00 kn

Mixed salad big

20,00 kn


Traditional štrukle – pastry with cheese

or apples filling (sweet)

30,00 kn

Međimurska gibanica… traditional

cake of Međimurje

35,00 kn

Strawberry fruit cake 

25,00 kn

Pancakes… chocolate, marmalade, walnuts 

20,00 kn