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Taste our authentic Međimurje cuisine - traditional and modern combined in a perfect set of refined tastes.

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Welcome to Mamica

A family story with 50 years old tradition

Mamica is a family boarding house whose tradition is based on an inn run by my grandmother Marija since 1969. In Međimurje, a grandmother is called Mamica, hence the present name. We inherited the tradition and proved the quality.
We are located in a small village Pušćine, on the road that connects the town of Zrinski, Čakovec and the town of Baroque, Varaždin. We nurture the tradition of the Međimurje region through dishes and our customs to create a family atmosphere.

Mamica is perfect for all of you who love places where they know your name, what kind of coffee you drink and what kind of omelet you like.

Identity of Mamica as a restaurant is foremost reflecting character of it’s chef Sandra Nedeljko. She creates dishes inspired by local tradition with great love and passion, adding her personal touch and presenting her guests with creations full of refined tastes. Sandra is adamant in using only seasonal and locally produced ingredients. She uses herbs from her own herbal garden, as well as fruits and vegetables from orchard and garden that sourround Mamica.

Chef Sandra Nedeljko


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